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WordPress Dating Theme

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WordPress Dating Plugin

When you design a website for the mass users, you need to make it user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. You know that your users want to surf a website that looks good and functions well. And when you have a site especially for dating, you will have a lot of beautiful profiles within some time. Think of your website as the frame for the profiles. You certainly want the interface of your dating website to match with those beautiful profiles. A well designed, appealing website can even inspire the users to make their own profile more attractive. Read More

Benefits of Creating Dating Website with WordPress Dating Plugin

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Congratulations if you have successfully set up a dating site. If you created the site using WordPress Dating Plugin, you may have started reaping the benefits of your investment already. If not, we would like you to answer a few questions to you. How much did you pay for designing and developing the site? Is it safe enough to maintain a huge profile base of your members? Are you able to generate income through your dating site? How many hours do you spend, just to manage the site? What if you find some security loopholes? Read More

A New Beginning for

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New theme concept

For the past 4 years has been operating as a venture of MyAllenMedia LLC and has become the leading WordPress Dating Plugin.

Since 6 July 2014 our team at WRI has been taking over all aspects of  It was our mutual goal to make this transition as seamless as possible for current customers. Your account information will be left unchanged and you will be able download the plugin and access documentation and support as you always have under your current purchase agreement. If you have any specific questions about what’s to come, feel free to contact us via the contactform. Read More

WordPress Dating Plugin 4.7.4

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WordPress Dating Plugin is pleased to announce the launch of version 4.7.4 of the WordPress Dating Plugin and it includes some exciting new features.

The new features include a new Credit System. Now your users can buy credits to send emails. You setup the price of the credit and the number of emails a user can send per credit. This is great for charging smaller amounts to just send emails. The settings can be changed and the prices can be changed by you thus giving you total control over the credits. Don’t want to use the new Credits System, simply don’t activate it. It’s on by default. The Credits System also has a Credits Usage feature that lets you grant and delete credits for specific users. You can give credits to your friends or take them away. It’s up to you.

Another feature we’ve added is a feature called DS Browse. This is a new sidebar widget that you can setup on your sidebar that lets your members browse age ranges and genders. You simply toggle the options you want to get the results you want. You can now see this feature on the WordPress Dating Demo. Just look at the sidebar and you’ll see the new DS Browse widget in action.

Yet another feature in this release of the WordPress Dating Plugin 4.7.4 is Color Pagination. Up until now the pagination at the bottom of the search results has always been a specific color. Now you can change that color to the color code that you want. If you want it to match your site or if you want a different color, now you can.

WordPress Dating Plugin 4.7.4 is now available for download for existing customers via our Updates page.

White Label Dating

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We wanted to let you all know about a new dating solution that we’ve been working on and will be released in the next few weeks. It’s our White Label Dating Solution.

We take care of your dating site maintenance including approving profiles and media, hosting, site backups and site updates, leaving you to focus on marketing your dating site. We even provide you with some great tools for marketing your dating site.

DatingSolutions Fully Managed White Label Dating Solution will let you keep 100% of the profits that you make from your dating site. We charge a small monthly fee to manage your dating site and YOU keep the profits. You set the membership levels and prices and you keep the cash. That along with over 30 different niche markets with thousands of profiles, it’s the best choice in White Label Dating.

More to come…



Mobile Dating App

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iPhone Mobile Dating AppDatingSolutions is pleased to announce the release of the Android Mobile Dating App that works with the WordPress Dating Plugin.

The mobile dating app will allow your members to access all the dating software features that the desktop version currently has and display it nicely on their mobile device. This is not the mobile browser that we currently have. This new product is an mobile app specifically designed for the Android mobile devices.

Astrological Signs Added

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DatingSolutions is pleased to announce the release of version 4.6.9b of the WordPress Dating Plugin, which now includes Astrological Signs for the profile views. You can simply turn this On/Off via the DSP Admin, Settings page. When turned ON, it will show the users Astrological Sign on their profile. If you don’t want it to show their Astrological Sign then you can just leave it off.

Along with this release of this dating software version, we’ve added a new payment gateway called iDEAL, you can read more about the iDEAL Payment Gateway here.

iDEAL Payment Gateway Added

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Ideal Payment GatewayDatingSolutions is pleased to announce that we have now added the iDEAL Payment Gateway to the WordPress Dating Plugin. This is for all of our customers in The Netherlands as well as some parts of Europe.

What is the iDEAL Payment Gateway?The iDEAL gateway is a standardized payment method for making secure online payments directly between bank accounts. To offer iDEAL as a payment method in a dating site, a direct link is established with the systems of participating banks. In other words, this one connection to iDEAL enables each dating site visitor with access to online banking of ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, Friesland Bank, ING, Knab, Rabobank, RegioBank, SNS Bank, Triodos Bank or Van Lanschot Bankiers to make membership payments in this way.

The iDEAL Payment Gateway is provided by

If you have any questions regarding the iDEAL Payment Gateway, please let us know.

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